A Branding and Identity Project

Serving a global denomination, The Presbyterian Mission Agency is the ministry and mission agency of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The agency carries out its missional work through five primary ministry areas. PMA needed to rebrand its newly adopted name and identity.


With PMA’s 200-year history, 300 employees, and over 50 programs, a deep dive into establishing a branding foundation for the organization was necessary. Through internal/external focus groups, surveys, competitive analysis and benchmark comparison, research and planning was a crucial part of the project.

Brand Narrative

From presentation to elevator speech – from web-page to video, an accessible and conformed brand narrative for the organization was established. With a strong inward and outward presence, the narrative was the baseline for the identity of PMA.

Identity Development

With many moving parts and denominational constraints, the organizational aesthetic language demands a versatile identity system which can be utilized across all mediums and expressions.

Brand Implementation

With any large organization, adoption to change can make or break a re-brand roll-out. Ruckus worked closely with PMA leadership to bring the organization at large to input and adoption of the re-brand. Organizational gatherings and an extensive Branding Sourcebook helped ensure a smooth transition to the new brand.