To Sustain and Enhance Jewish Life

The Jewish Federation of Greater Kansas City is a member organization of the Jewish Federation of North America. Through a network of partners, the Federation feeds, clothes, comforts and inspires people here at home and around the world. Ruckus provides Marketing and Communications support across all mediums for the organization.


JFEDKC’s long history of impact at home and around the world was beloved by its more mature constituency, while it lacked relevance for its younger audience. In order to honor the past and appeal to future generations, a plan to speak to the organization’s diverse constituency was derived.


A fresh update with vibrant, accessible language and updated aesthetic, while maintaining brand authenticity.


A three-phased approach, over a three-year time period was implemented. Year one focused on providing the details of impact and reach. Based on wide-spread adoption, Year two’s focus was engagement and connection. Year three is focused on segmentation and program refinement.


The first two years have proven very successful. The consistency in design and messaging demonstrated concrete results as brand identity and mission saliency increased by over 65%.

Increase in Website Visitors
Increase in Website Page Views
Increase in User Registrations
Increase in Social Media Followers