A Creative Agency Built on the Idea of Strategic Disruption

Why Strategic Disruption?

We love disruption because it leads to change. Change in the way you do things and the in way people engage with your brand. And we love strategy because it leads to effective and long-lasting results. So strategic disruption isn’t about shaking things up just because you can. It’s about smart, bold decisions that make you stand out in a crowd, and make you matter to the individuals in that crowd.

It’s about asking the deeper questions that get to the heart of the matter. And it’s about thinking differently to go beyond what’s easy and doing what’s right for you. It’s why we love what we do. We’re here to give you straight talk, killer creativity, and the kind of strategic disruption you need to make a mark that lasts. Don’t make noise. Make a ruckus.

We have the privilege to work with some amazing brands with which our interests and passions are closely aligned

Web Development

Our website design and development expertise includes custom application development, third-party CMS customization, rich media integration, social media integration, content management and maintenance, database development and deployment, media asset management and web analytics implementation.

Social Media

Social media can give a brand a voice, a face and a soundtrack. We have successfully introduced brands to this medium and helped other brands grow and improve their presence. As partners and marketing visionaries for our clients, it is our responsibility to ensure that our clients are positioned to take advantage of every opportunity to engage their customers in unique and exciting ways.

Graphic Design

Design plays a pivotal role in defining image, enhancing audience experience and evoking emotions about services or products. While you cannot control a person’s perception of your brand or organization, you can influence it by communicating the right messages in clear and consistent ways. Our design work can be geared to match an existing image, or we’ll help you define a new look for your communications.

Video Production

Our robust media production services concentrate on the development of powerful and creative video, digital photography, websites and graphic design. Whether on location or in-studio, our highly skilled professional team will guide you through the development process from concept to completion — including concept development and scripting, acquisition and post-production.

Branding & Identity

To form a rock-solid brand strategy, we first put your brand under the microscope. We research the buying behaviors and motivations of your customers and prospects. We also study the strengths, image/identity and vulnerabilities of your competitors, as well as your existing brand equity, heritage, strengths, values and positioning. We develop the pillars of your brand identity system to articulate your brand’s core and identity.

Interactive Design

The web is the ultimate audience-empowering environment. Visitors decide where to go and what to see. And if they don’t like their experience, competitors are just a click away. That’s why we strive to develop highly usable interfaces that attract and keep your audience. It means creating navigational structures that are easy and intuitive. Email campaigns, interactive banners, iPhone/mobile applications and websites are designed so users can find what they’re after in a fast and logical way. We stay on top of the trends, so our clients can integrate the latest technologies.

Email Marketing

Finding that intersection of emotion and relevance for consumers requires the use of analytical insights and experience in all forms of communication. The rapid evolution of direct marketing has led us to believe that direct is no longer defined by a set of tactics, but by a mindset — a mindset that values deliberate choices about costs, targeting and return on investment; that relies heavily on segmenting customers, aggressive testing, and the targeting and delivery of relevant messages; and that relentlessly analyzes results to make decisions about how to best reach customers, drive sales and grow brands.


We know you have a lot to share, and we’ll help you develop a custom publishing plan that will deliver your ideas to your most important constituents in compelling, engaging ways. We focus on increasing your “mind share” with readers — a reader-centric strategy that extends beyond ROI, current trends, techniques and the medium. We’ll partner with you to build programs that become long-term, valuable assets – assets that you will own forever and will become part of you organizations’s overall growth.

Ruckus is a team of creative professionals experienced in all areas of marketing. And it all starts with these two…

Matt Johnson

You won’t find Matt settled into one place for very long. (Seriously – we never know where we’ll find him around the office.) And you won’t find him settling for easy answers, either. That’s because his passion for authentic, creative storytelling keeps him pushing for ways to challenge the status quo and deliver marketing solutions that work. His background in all communication mediums and creative team leadership lets him guide both creatives and clients through the sometimes messy process that leads to effective change.

Ryan Chamberlin

Ryan loves a challenge. Nothing makes his brain happier than picking apart a problem down to its core so he can find the solution that works best. He’s analytical, practical, and detail-oriented (he irons his jeans every day, folks). His background in interactive media and account management means he knows how to tell the tech wizards what to do, and how to translate what they’re doing into plain English for the rest of us. If you have a challenge that needs a technical solution, you need Ryan and his wrinkle-free jeans in your corner.

Ruckus has been a true partner, committed to understanding our business. The Ruckus team provides innovative thinking, design and challenges us to deliver the best communication solutions possible.

Jill Black, Director of Marketing - TranSystems

In Ruckus, we found a courageous and committed partner that shares our passion for connecting people with opportunities that positively impact the world. Their knowledge of the nonprofit category — its challenges and possibilities — coupled with their ability to turn ideals into actionable strategy and creative has been tested and proven.

Derek Gale, Director of Financial Resource Development - Jewish Federation

Throughout the pitch and collaborative process, it became clear that Ruckus throughly understands nonprofits. Their entire team demonstrates a deep respect for our organization and an appreciation for our unique opportunities and challenges — and it comes through in the work they do with us.

Rob Bullock, Vice President of Marketing & Communications - Presbyterian Foundation